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6kg / 13lb


250kg / 550lb


14″ / 35.5cm & 15″ / 38cm


On a B737, 1 ton of weight creates approximately 100kgs fuel
penalty. Therefore, for any 10 kilos saved, 1kg of fuel is saved per flight.

The Airchair Cabin Wheelchair Solution

Passengers with reduced mobility need an onboard wheelchair that is safe and comfortable. Conversely, Airlines and Cabin Crew need a airplane wheelchair that is lightweight, easy to stow and easy to manoeuvre within the confines of an aircraft.

Airchair meets both these critical needs. The simple but clever design has evolved from years of experience recognising the constraints that today’s aircraft designs bring, coupled with the specific needs of those with reduced mobility. This proven on-board wheelchair is now the choice for forward thinking airlines.

cabin wheelchair for airplanes - Airchair

The Airchair Build


The design of the Airchair focuses on simplicity and robustness. These characteristics ensure the Airchair is easy to use and provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for the passenger.

We have concentrated too on making our airplane wheelchair as light as possible but retaining its strength so that passengers feel safe when using it and it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to the aircraft.

Additionally we have paid attention to storage and the Airchair folds small enough that it can be stowed in an overhead locker or dog box, neatly out of the way until it is needed.

Precision build

The Airchair has been carefully and thoughtfully designed. It combines a great experience for the passenger and a simple, effective solution for the Cabin Crew. Specific attention has been paid to making the Airchair as light as possible (6kg/13lb) but robust (carrying capacity 250kg/550lb) and easy to stow – it fits in an overhead locker.

Practical detail

Our aircraft wheelchairs are robust and can safely carry passengers up to 250kg (550lb). Each Airchair is fitted with fold out arm rests and foot supports for extra comfort and the frame is coated in an antimcirobial paint to prevent the spread of infection. The back rest also folds down to assist transfer. Airchair is available in different widths too.

Supporting airlines

On board cabin wheelchairs help an airline take care of their passengers who have reduced mobility. A positive, caring experience for a passenger with reduced mobility not only makes flying easier and more enjoyable for them but also cements the ongoing relationship between airline and customer.

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