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Environmental Policy

Airchair recognises that we have a responsibility to the environment. By pursuing sound environmental policies, we also help our customers to do the same.

A direct way our company assists is by making an on-board wheelchair that is robust, yet far lighter than our competitors. Less and lighter materials are used in the build of the Airchair making it lightweight and so when on-board an aircraft it doesn’t add exponentially to the overall weight of the plane therefore helping reduce the amount of fuel used and ultimately reducing emissions.

The design of Airchair is simple and this means little can go wrong or break. In the years since Airchair was launched only a handful have been returned faulty and this is generally through misuse rather than malfunction. If an Airchair is faulty it would be replaced immediately.

Practical Actions

Where possible we work with suppliers who share a responsibility to the environment and we buy local wherever and whenever we can.

We minimise paper use, both with our office procedures and with the packaging used to protect and ship the Airchair. The majority of our business transactions are carried out ‘on-line’ and demonstrations of the Airchair are conducted via video conferencing.

We buy recycled and recyclable products where possible, or choose cleaning materials that are environmentally friendly.

We monitor our energy consumption, switching off lights and equipment when they are not needed and use solar energy, the majority of the time, to heat our office and assembly facility.

An Ongoing Requirement

Airchair takes a forward looking approach to reducing the impact of our company’s activities. Decision making includes our wish to:

  • Comply with, or exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor and improve our environmental standards.
  • Work with suppliers to achieve a sound approach.
  • Make decisions that consider environmental impact.
  • Reduce energy and resources use whenever possible.

Considering the environment alongside business needs is continuous. Reducing use of energy or water and rational purchasing are a great start but we will always seek to improve performance for ourselves and in turn, for our customers.