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How to use Airchair

The Airchair is easy and logical to use but we recommend you read the operating instructions and watch the video below before you use it. You can download the user manual in pdf format.

Please note that the Airchair has been designed to be an onboard transit chair only. If used outside an aircraft it should only be used on flat, even surfaces and is done so at the operators’ responsibility.


Easy to assemble and store

The Airchair is easy to assemble – it simply unfolds and the back rest locks into position. This takes just a few seconds to do and requires little practice. Once assembled it is immediately ready for the passenger and once they are seated they can be made to feel safe by securing the waist and thigh straps and resting their feet on the drop down foot rest.

The backrest can be retracted by depressing the bar at the back of the Airchair. This enables cabin crew or the passenger’s carer to help the passenger slip from the Airchair to their aircraft seat.

The Airchair is easy to store too because when folded it is small enough to fit into an overhead locker or dog box. And because it is so lightweight it is easy to lift overhead if necessary.

Product care and maintenance

All Airchair surfaces can be disinfected using standard products and simply wiped clean.

The castors have sealed bearings and need no attention.

The leather fabric should occasionally be cleaned with warm soapy water, using a soft cloth. Wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth.

The hook, pictured, may benefit from a small amount of Vaseline applied to the cam.


Important note

In some circumstances, depending on the passenger, additional assistance may be required when moving the Airchair, especially if the area is restricted. When stowing the Airchair, make sure that all the brakes are off and place it into the carry bag.


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