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Specifications & features

Lightweight and easy to stow

The Airchair is made from high strength aluminium alloy, incorporating an anti-microbial paint and is extremely lightweight (6kgs/13lb). It is supplied in a neat carry bag so that it can be stowed in overhead lockers or the dog box and is quick and simple to unfold to make ready for use.


Swivel, locking castors

The swivel castors make it is very easy to manoeuvre the Airchair in tight spaces. Push-on, push-off brakes, easy to apply or release by the operator, help control the movement of the Airchair and guarantee maximum safety at all times.

Robust but comfortable and stable

The Airchair seat and backrest are made from fire retardant, high quality, wipe clean leather and the cabin wheelchair can carry passengers weighing up to 250kgs (560lb). Waist and thigh straps and side restraints keep the passenger safe while their feet rest on a fold-away footrest during transit.


Folding back rest

The back rest folds to the rear using a simple ‘push to release’ bar. This feature enables the cabin crew or carer to move closer to the passenger and assist a safe and smooth transfer of the passenger from one seat to another without creating unnecessary strain.


A hygienic solution

Since COVID-19, it is now a priority to keep everything as clean as possible and airlines are having to be fastidious with new cleaning regimes, disinfecting cabins on a regular basis.

Airchair’s frame is finished with Sterilcoat-AM®, an anti-microbial powder coating that prevents the spread of dangerous micro-organisms by significantly reducing microbial activity and suppressing the growth of mould and bacteria.

The powder coating provides protection over an extended period of time and retains its anti-microbial properties even after repeated washing or cleaning. Additionally, Sterilcoat-AM® is very durable, providing superior stain and scratch resistance.

An ideal solution at a time when cleanliness is absolutely critical.


Standards & regulations

The Airchair meets the requirements of the following:

  • EU 1107/2006
  • US DoT 14 CFR 382


Customising the Airchair

The Airchair can be supplied in an airline’s corporate colours or have the airline’s logo printed on the back rest. To qualify for this customisation, order quantities must exceed 25 units and be purchased in one order.


Airchair measurements

Technical Details
Folded Dimensions – height 28.3″/720mm 28.3″/720mm
Folded Dimensions – width 14.7″/375mm 15.7″/400mm
Folded Dimensions – depth 7.5″/190mm 7.5″/190mm

All other measurements of the chair remain the same, regardless of width.

The Airchair is supplied in a carry bag and can be stowed in an overhead locker or dog box.

Overall height 34.1″/865mm
Seat height 18.5″/475mm
Length footrest – extended 25.6″/650mm
Length footrest – folded 21.6″/550mm
Capacity 550lb/250kgs

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