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Passenger Safety & Dignity

Life shouldn’t be restricted for those with reduced mobility and wheelchairs help people with disabilities lead as normal a life as possible. Air travel should be no different and an on board wheelchair, designed specifically for use within the confines of an aircraft cabin, enables an airline to provide a safe, reliable and discreet experience for PRMs.

Additionally, a positive, caring experience for the passenger not only makes flying easier and more enjoyable but also cements their relationship with the airline they have chosen.

Nobel prize winners have collected their awards in wheelchairs, competitors at the Invictus Games used them.

The only difference people with reduced mobility have is, in some instances, they need support to move around. They also need to receive that support in a safe and dignified way.


Flying Inclusively

If passengers were able to take their own wheelchairs on board an aircraft, there would not be an issue, they would simply be another passenger. Currently that’s not possible because of the rigorous and costly testing and approvals that are carried out on any equipment installed in an aircraft and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. The only current option is for passengers with reduced mobility to use a wheelchair designed for on board use.

This type of product ensures all passengers can enjoy their flight, knowing their needs have been considered and suitable equipment is available. They are not made to feel different, ignored, embarrassed or discriminated.


Carers & Airline Staff

Preserving the dignity of passengers is important for them as well as the cabin crew. A well designed, on board wheelchair gives the cabin crew confidence in being able to offer the right support for a passenger and being able to use a simple but effective product makes their role much easier.

Assisting passengers with reduced mobility can be difficult and if the correct equipment is available it makes this job easier and considerably less stressful for the passenger too. A dignifed solution for all.

The retracting back rest on the Airchair means that the passenger’s carer or cabin crew can easily assist with the transfer from the Airchair to the aircraft seat. They can be closer to the passenger without having to stretch over the back of the wheelchair.


A Positive Experience

Being able to transfer to the aircraft seat simply and easily, as well as using the aircraft facilities during a flight, is welcomed by passengers with reduced mobility. Everyone wants passengers to enjoy their flight, have a pleasant experience and be able to move around inside an aircraft without fuss and embarrassment.

The Airchair is the ideal on-board wheelchair to achieve this.

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